Larger retail outlets often have dozens of cameras in place, enabling security personnel to monitor all areas of the store. That monitoring is typically done in a security system control room or operations center. Designing and deploying these facilities require the guidance of true security experts.

It’s easy for security managers to be tantalized by giant monitors and other sophisticated technology. However, the truly important measure of control room effectiveness is how well it enables your security staff to quickly identify and respond to threats or alarms. That quick response requires the right technology combined in a way that creates an intuitive, easy-to-use system-control platform.

Many control rooms incorporate software that knits together every aspect of your security system – intrusion, fire, access control and video – into one integrated platform.

In large-scale systems, the best, most comprehensive security measures can’t deliver on their full potential unless they are managed from a well-designed, properly equipped control center. Whether you need to take control of a single large facility or dozens of facilities located across the country, trust the security professionals at SecuSmart to design and deploy a control room designed specifically to meet your needs and budget.