Organizations are increasingly incorporating video in their security systems. This trend is the result of decreasing costs for video technology combined with higher expectations by the courts for visual documentation of incidents.

Live video can be monitored by security personnel in real time to expand their coverage and enable quick evaluation of potential issues. Recorded video provides a valuable visual record to support investigations and prosecution following an event. But some of the most powerful benefits of video are realized through analytics that constantly, automatically analyze the images from your cameras.

Using analytics, your system can identify specific people or vehicles, and trigger an alert if they are detected. It’s like having an ever-vigilant security guard on duty around the clock. Video analytics extend the capabilities of your security staff by automatically alerting them to potential threats as they occur.

While most use analytics to identify threats, upscale retailers, hospitality providers and other service organizations use facial recognition to identify high-value clients and VIPs so they can be greeted appropriately.

Picture how much more effective your video capabilities can be with analytics from SecuSmart.

Fire alarm system is typically mandated by law. The threat of fire to the lives of both your employees and customers, makes detection an essential element of your facility’s protection system. Beyond the legal requirements, the potential threat to your property presented by fire makes having a detection system a sound investment.

Many retail establishments deploy separate intrusion and fire systems, but smart store owners take advantage of current technology that makes it practical and more economical to install integrated systems that combine all aspects of security and life safety into a single, more easily managed system.

SecuSmart can provide the control panels, sensors and alarm pulls to configure a reliable fire detection system that will maximize the safety of your employees, facilities and property.

High quality video supports your ability to detect and prosecute both customers and employees who are stealing from your store. Linking video records to register transaction data in an especially powerful tool in discouraging employee theft.

Today’s technology provides video images beyond what was available just a few years ago. Traditional black & white cameras are often being replaced by new-generation color cameras. Low-light and mega-pixel cameras are available and affordable. Customers are increasingly using IP cameras that provide higher quality images and create a digital, network-ready, compressed signal.

Cameras can detect movement or unexpected changes in an area. Intelligent mounts and motors will automatically steer and zoom cameras to focus on unusual activity. The system can respond by recording the event, focusing additional cameras on the activity, and sounding an alert or other programmed responses. Higher-capacity DVRs store hundreds of hours of video from multiple cameras.

Video technology can dramatically extend the reach of your security coverage by letting you see and record activity in every corner of your facility.  In many cases, the mere presence of security cameras mounted on and around your buildings is a deterrent, encouraging potential perpetrators to choose another target for their criminal activity.

To ensure the most effective use of video surveillance, you need the right components in the right configuration. Selecting the right video technology requires the experience of a professional security systems provider like SecuSmart.

Larger retail outlets often have dozens of cameras in place, enabling security personnel to monitor all areas of the store. That monitoring is typically done in a security system control room or operations center. Designing and deploying these facilities require the guidance of true security experts.

It’s easy for security managers to be tantalized by giant monitors and other sophisticated technology. However, the truly important measure of control room effectiveness is how well it enables your security staff to quickly identify and respond to threats or alarms. That quick response requires the right technology combined in a way that creates an intuitive, easy-to-use system-control platform.

Many control rooms incorporate software that knits together every aspect of your security system – intrusion, fire, access control and video – into one integrated platform.

In large-scale systems, the best, most comprehensive security measures can’t deliver on their full potential unless they are managed from a well-designed, properly equipped control center. Whether you need to take control of a single large facility or dozens of facilities located across the country, trust the security professionals at SecuSmart to design and deploy a control room designed specifically to meet your needs and budget.

If your store includes separate systems for intrusion and fire, and possible other systems for access control and video, you understand the pain of having to deal with multiple systems. Imagine the simplicity and convenience of having a single point of control for all devices are readily apparent.

More business owners and security managers are taking advantage of the simplicity and convenience of a single, common system that combines their intrusion, fire, video and access control systems. All of your security-related technology can be consolidated in a single, unified solution, typically managed from a central control room. As an added benefit, today’s network capability makes it possible for authorized individuals to view, monitor and control the system from any internet-connected computer.

With only one, combined system, you save money **because there’s less equipment needed, reducing your initial investment. It provides continued savings because a single-system means less maintenance and reduced staff training.

SecuSmart can help develop a new, integrated system or provide the software and devices needed to knit your current systems together to create an integrated system. The intuitive graphical interface of the software gives your system managers fast, simple point-and-click control over every aspect of your system.

Trust SecuSmart to combine all of your security management activities into a single, high-functioning security system.

Retail establishments, particularly freestanding stores, are especially tempting targets to burglars. Knowing that you have a burglar alarm protecting the site may deter them from targeting your store. When someone attempts entry, a strong system will quickly sense the attack, sound the alert and summon the appropriate security responders or police, possibly in time to apprehend robbers before they can leave the premises.

Burglars may try to thwart the alarm system by cutting the phone lines, breaking the system’s connection to your monitoring service. Today’s alarm systems include multiple layers of communication that may include one or more traditional phone lines, cellular and network connections.

Your intrusion alarm can be integrated with video surveillance – activating cameras, steering them towards the area of the alarm and enhancing the images recorded. This video record will be valuable in identifying and prosecuting the perpetrators.

Compare  the potential cost of a single break in to the cost of a burglar alarm and you will quickly recognize the potential return on investment. SecuSmart offers our business customers a broad selection of electronic security solutions that will provide you with the tools to create cost-effective protection both for your inventory and your premises.

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