Retail establishments, particularly freestanding stores, are especially tempting targets to burglars. Knowing that you have a burglar alarm protecting the site may deter them from targeting your store. When someone attempts entry, a strong system will quickly sense the attack, sound the alert and summon the appropriate security responders or police, possibly in time to apprehend robbers before they can leave the premises.

Burglars may try to thwart the alarm system by cutting the phone lines, breaking the system’s connection to your monitoring service. Today’s alarm systems include multiple layers of communication that may include one or more traditional phone lines, cellular and network connections.

Your intrusion alarm can be integrated with video surveillance – activating cameras, steering them towards the area of the alarm and enhancing the images recorded. This video record will be valuable in identifying and prosecuting the perpetrators.

Compare  the potential cost of a single break in to the cost of a burglar alarm and you will quickly recognize the potential return on investment. SecuSmart offers our business customers a broad selection of electronic security solutions that will provide you with the tools to create cost-effective protection both for your inventory and your premises.