Government buildings are infrequent targets for burglars, but those who do attempt to break in are typically very determined and often more resourceful. Strong security measures are essential to ensure that official records are well protected from theft. 

An effective alarm system will quickly detect attempted entry. In addition to sensors at doors and windows, you can include glass-break detectors, motion sensors and other devices to wrap your facility in a blanket of protection. 

Once the system detects an intruder, it needs to quickly sound the alert. The alarm will often drive off intruders before they can cause any harm. The alarm should also be transmitted to a monitoring service or emergency responder to that they can more quickly arrive on the scene. 

Strong alarm systems include redundant communication channels, relying on some combination of telephone, cellular and network connections to the alarm monitoring service or police. Having multiple channels ensures that robbers can’t disable the connection and that alarms will be successfully transmitted. 

More capable systems are integrated with other layers of security. Once an alarm is tripped, the burglar alarm will signal the video system to increase the frequency of video frames or the quality level of the recorded video. 

In every government facility, a burglar alarm is an absolute essential protective tool. SecuSmart is your experienced source for reliable government security technology.