Larger industrial facilities typically centralize their security system monitoring and control in a control room or operations center. Designing and deploying these facilities require the guidance of true security experts.

Insightful security managers look beyond impressive big-screen monitors elaborate control panels. They understand that what truly matters is how well the technology enables your security staff to quickly identify and respond to threats or alarms. That quick response requires the right technology combined in a way that creates an intuitive, easy-to-use system-control platform.

The best control rooms operate under a comprehensive security management application that brings together all elements of your system – intrusion, fire, access control and video – into a single integrated protection platform. SecuSmart has provided customers with software applications that allow security staff to control the system via a graphical interface. With this video “map” that shows every protected entrance and area, security officers can instantly see the status every door, sensor and alarm. They can respond to alarms or get additional detail with the click of a mouse.

In large industrial installations, having the highest quality security technology in place isn't enough to ensure strong protection. The technology can’t deliver on its full potential unless it is managed from a well-designed, properly equipped control center. For large-scale security systems, whether a single, major facility or dozens of facilities located across the country, trust the security professionals at SecuSmart to design and deploy a control room designed to provide you with a comprehensive approach to organizational security.

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