Video cameras capture an ever-increasing amount of our day-to-day activities. On roads, city streets and in a variety of commercial buildings, cameras are there monitoring and recording activity.

This growth has been fueled by a combination of increasing technology and shrinking cost. Today it’s very economical to deploy video both in home and commercial installations. Whether you need a simple low-resolution black-and-white camera, a color megapixel version or one able to operate in very low light, there’s a camera available.

Cameras extend your vision, allowing you to see who’s at your door or to view remote areas of your commercial facility. With today’s smart phones, you can even peek in on your cameras from wherever you are. But cameras are only half the video surveillance equation.

Advanced DVRs enable you to capture and store incredible amounts of high-quality video images. Available software lets you more quickly review video during an investigation and locate the needed images.

Couple your video surveillance with video analytic  and you have a new and powerful protective tool. Your system can scan license plates as vehicles enter your parking lot or garage to identify specific vehicles. Facial recognition can automatically identify certain individuals and alert your security staff.

Video is incredibly powerful and remarkable affordable. SecuSmart is your video surveillance expert.

Every home and business depends on locked doors and windows to deter burglars. That basic level of defense won’t prevent a determined intruder from finding a way in and making off with your valuable possessions.

Electronic burglar alarms provide a much stronger defense against intrusion. In the event that intruders do manage to get in, your system can automatically summon emergency responders and also provide visual documentation of the crime that can be used to find and prosecute the offender.

Most alarm systems incorporate sensors on the windows and doors to protect the perimeter of your home or building. You can also add an array of internal sensors able to detect glass breakage, motion or heat. These sensors can be strategically arranged to provide the desired protection.

Today’s systems take advantage of cellular and internet communication to let you interact with your system from your smart phone or mobile device. Check the status of your system, turn it on or off, and receive alarms no matter where you are.

If you include video with your system, you can remotely view your cameras. Peek in to see what’s going on at home or in your commercial facility. Is your babysitter on duty? Are your employees in place? Are doors closed? Instead of just wondering, you can actually have a look.

From a simple residential alarm unit to a sophisticated, high-security multi-site system, SecuSmart is your source for burglar alarms.

It's the age of multi-function devices. As technology has become both more sophisticated and more compact, it's become increasingly beneficial to package multiple functions into a single device. Consider the low-cost, all-in-one printer/fax/copiers or your smart phone as good examples of combined technology.

Your security system represents another great opportunity to integrate multiple functions in a single, combined whole. Today's security panels have the capacity and technology to serve as the nexus for not only intrusion but also fire, access control and video protection.

A single system means only one system to learn, maintain and upgrade. That simplifies training and reduces costs.

Bringing inputs from these different resources together also provides you with a more complete, integrated view of your security landscape. Instead of checking two or three systems, there's only one.

A properly integrated system provides a higher level of protection. When the intrusion system detects an issue, it can direct the video system's attention on the problem area, ratchet up the quality of video and initiate additional recording. Similarly, a security issue detected by the intrusion system can initiate a facility lock-down through the access control elements of the system.

Combining diverse elements of security from multiple vendors requires the expertise and experience of a skilled system integrator like SecuSmart.

Large organizations and commercial or financial facilities that require a higher level of security typically rely on a multi-faceted approach to protection. These sophisticated systems often incorporate hundreds or thousands of sensors, detectors and video feeds to create a tight web of protection. Additionally, these systems may combine elements of intrusion, fire and access control technology to create a unified, integrated system.

Security managers typically bring these discrete facets of security together in a control center where they can be more effectively monitored and managed. Poorly designed systems fail to present incoming signals in a logical, accessible way. Aside from putting added stress on security staff, poorly designed systems reduce their ability to identify urgent signals and respond quickly.

SecuSmart designs and installs control rooms that facilitate and simplify security operations. Incoming alarm signals and other data are displayed in ways that enable more efficient monitoring, faster recognition and quicker response.

Control rooms are the nexus of technology from many different sources and suppliers. That makes it especially important to have a security partner like SecuSmart with the experience to knit these diverse systems together into a smoothly functioning entity.

System owners often want their control room to be a showpiece, conveying to their customers the attention devoted to security. Other system owners are concerned only with achieving the highest possible functionality. Whatever the need, SecuSmart has the design experience and technical knowledge to create a control room customized to your needs.

While many homes and most commercial buildings are equipped with burglar alarms, every building requires reliable systems to detect smoke or fire. Burglary typically results in the loss of some property; fire can result in the total loss of property and life.

The typical residential fire detection system consists of smoke alarms that sound a shrill alert to evacuate. SecuSmart can incorporate fire detection in your home alarm system so that, besides sounding a local warning, the system will also alert the fire department – even when you're not at home.

Every commercial facility is required to have a comprehensive fire detection system in place, but all systems aren't created equal. SecuSmart can design and install technology that goes beyond simply complying with various fire codes and system requirements.

You will have a reliable system that requires minimal attention but ensures maximum protection. You can also expect to get a better return on your investment because SecuSmart installs technology with a reputation for reliability, and an open design that ensures the ability to apply regular upgrades and enhancements to extend system life.

For residences, retail and commercial installations, depend on SecuSmart to provide dependable fire detection systems. 

Access Control Electronic sensors and alarms give you the ability to protect your facility from unauthorized entry. Your alarm system can be easily and affordably expanded to enable you to better manage your facility. With the addition of access control technology, you have the power to control the flow of people in and around your facility.

Locked doors represent the crudest form of access control. They simply prevent someone from entering a facility without the right key.

Electronic access control provides an intelligent, automated approach to managing who can go where and when. Each controlled door is equipped with an electronic lock and a credential reader. Credentials may take many forms. You can issue authorized users a password or PIN that they type into a keypad. Instead of or (for higher security) in addition to the password, you can give users a keycard, keyfob or other electronic credential.

When the user, whether it’s an employee, visitor or service provider, presents their credential to the reader, the access control system determines what entry privileges the holder has. If the user is allowed to use that entrance at that time, the door is instantly unlocked.

You can control both internal and external access points. You can allow people to enter the facility only at certain doors and only at authorized times. Once inside, their access can be limited to only certain rooms or areas.

A huge benefit of electronic access control is that it reduces or eliminates the need for keys. You never have to re-key a lock due to a lost key. And you don’t have to worry about retrieving keys from someone when they leave your organization. Instead, you simply delete their access rights.

Your system also provides you with reporting that lets you identify the time, location and identity of each access event.

Once you've made the investment in protecting your facility, you can leverage that investment by adding the ability also to better manage your facility with an access control system for SecuSmart.

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