The main concern of school administrators used to be mainly to protect your facilities from burglary and vandalism. Your responsibilities became much more complex following the tragic incidents at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech. Today parents, students and staff expect you also to provide a high degree of security against such attacks. 

School administrators today are increasingly deploying multi-faceted security systems. They include the appropriate preventive measures to bar unauthorized access and the sensors needed to sound the alert when there’s a security breach. 

Working in tandem with their intrusion alarms, many schools and colleges are adding access control measures . They enable administrators to selectively restrict individuals to only specific facilities or areas and at only designated times. In the event of an emergency, these systems also enable instantaneous lock-downs that greatly limit the ability of a perpetrator to enter or move about your facility. 

You have the enormous responsibility to not only educate but to protect your students. A well-designed, intelligently deployed security system from SecuSmart can be your single-most important tool in providing that protection.