Industrial sites present special security needs. Their size and layout make them particularly difficult to protect. The facilities are often large, with many possible entrance points that provide relatively easy access to burglars, vandals and other intruders. The equipment, raw materials and finished products in your facilities present tempting targets for criminals.

In recent years, there have been a number of cases where discharged or angry employees have entered manufacturing facilities to take violent revenge on their former employer and fellow employees. Employers who can’t demonstrate that they have appropriate security measures in place can be held responsible for failing to protect their employees.

The complete range of security solutions available from SecuSmart enables us to design and install all the technology needed to protect your site. Our ability to provide network and wireless solutions are especially useful given the physical scale of typical industrial projects. Regardless of the size of your facility, we can develop a security solution that both protects your site and provides an attractive return on your investment.

Whether you are interested in simply creating a strong barrier to intrusion or you want an access control system that enables you to control and monitor employee movement in your facilities, SecuSmart is ready to help.