Just a few years ago, most home security systems consisted simply of sensors at the windows and doors. If an intruder opened one of them, the alarm sounded to warn the residents as the system dialed a monitoring service to send emergency responders.

Today’s home security systems represent a greatly expanded range of remarkable features that enable your system to do much more. Advanced, wireless sensors can be positioned anywhere and easily relocated, if necessary, to improve protection or adjust for changes to your home.

The traditional phone lines that connected systems to a monitoring service are being replaced with cellular and Internet connections that enable new features and functions. Today you can remotely control your system. You can also receive alerts when someone arrives home and disarms your system or when an alarm is tripped by an intruder. Include video surveillance with your system, and you can remotely peek in on your home to make sure everything is okay.

Your alarm system can also be integrated with other home automation systems, including interior or exterior lighting, electric gates or doors, or home irrigation systems. This gives you the power both to protect and manage your home. Call SecuSmart Solutions for a security assessment.

We will talk with you about the level and type of security you want, and then recommend a tailored security solution.