Video security was, until a few years ago, unaffordable to most homeowners. Today, lower cost video technology has put this capability within the budget of almost everyone. 

The traditional benefit of video was that it provided a visual record of events in your home. Attempted or successful intrusions were captured in pictures that made it much easier to find and prosecute the intruder. 

Today video is providing many more benefits. While at home, video cameras at your entrance doors give you the security and convenience of seeing who’s there from any video-equipped keypad in the home. With the proper cellular or network connection, you can use your smart phone to remotely take a peek at what’s going on at home from wherever you are. 

The ability to see and record activity provides an added deterrent to wrongdoers who are considering your home as a target. In the event of an intrusion, you will have the evidence needed to ensure that the perpetrator is caught and convicted. SecuSmart can provide you with the video technology needed to take your home security system to the next level.