You already seek connectivity and convenience at work and in cafes— but what about your own home? Smart home devices offer both safety and convenience and can help you save some money on energy bills. Also, smartphone apps make it really simple to control mobile devices at home irrespective of where you are. Whether you intend to have a warm house before your arrival or give access to your house from your phone, our smart home buying guide is guaranteed to help you pick the services and products that are perfect for you.

What are the benefits of smart home systems?

Control it from anywhere

In contrast to a traditional system which can only be disarmed and armed at its wall panel, smart home systems such as a smart thermostat, smart video doorbell, and video surveillance come with a mobile app that gives the homeowner complete control of the home security system from anywhere. You will enjoy the convenience of disarming or arming the system from the patio before you leave or making use of your app to formulate a security code for guests in your absence. 


Receive alerts about activity

The smart security system allows homeowners to be more connected to their home with various smartphone alerts about the in-home activity. Whenever a sensor is tripped off, or the alarm sounds, the homeowner will be alerted.



The best home security systems are compatible with almost all smart devices, like smart thermostats, locks, lights and smart video doorbell. This level of compatibility, however, depends on the software that powers the home security system. The best of such platforms are designed to integrate extra devices. Other security systems may require frustrating workarounds with third-party software.


What you should consider when buying smart home systems

Professional installation is a really good option 

Some of these smart home devices are relatively easy to install. For instance, connected lights are straightforward. A complete security system, with several windows and door sensors, and other devices, will be more challenging. It’s safer to get professional installation for such systems.

Compatibility matters 

The best smart home security system gives you a complete, top-notch smart home system, where devices such as cameras, smart thermostats, locks, and lights share intelligence with your security system and also act in unison to take care of daily tasks on your behalf.


Professional monitoring is also essential 

In a serious emergency, receiving an alert from a smart home security system comes in handy, but what you need—particularly if you are not home—is a quick professional help. 

A lot of connected security products send an alert, but it’s of no use if you do not receive the alert, or you're in another city, where dialing the emergency number will not reach your home's police department. 

Some security systems will alert the professional monitoring station when there is trouble at home, whether it is carbon monoxide leak or a break-in, or fire. A security professional will send the fire department or local police directly to the property. 

Want to find out more?

To find out how to upgrade your home into a Smart-Home or set up a new Smart-Home; call SecuSmart Solutions we are your local security and home automation provider with over 18 years providing services to Fortune 500 Corporations and now we are bringing our knowledge, experience, and quality of service to our local community.


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