Going back to school can sometimes be a stressful period for both parents and kids. With the summer finally coming to an end, children usually have a hard time going back to school. The same can be said of parents, they also have a tough time getting their kids to participate and focus on their studies.

As parents, you know how chaotic it is to get your kids to school every day, manage daily routines, so school work and chores at home will be done on time. The older your kids get, the more demanding the schedule, as they will be given more extracurricular activities. Making all of these run optimally and smoothly can sometimes seem impossible to accomplish.

Fortunately, with the help of smart home technology, parents can now manage their kids' schedules with ease. Smart home technology helps parents to simplify their daily routine. Here are some benefits of using home smart lock security and smart home automation to make your daily routines easy: 


Have the kids locked the door?

Are you already at the office, or about to attend a crucial meeting and you are worried about whether your kids locked the door or not before they left for school? The smart lock can fix this problem. With the help of smart lock, parents have access control of their home's lock, and they can lock their doors virtually no matter where they are. When next your kids tell you they can't remember whether they locked the door or not, you don't have to worry. All you have to do is to bring out your phone and check if the doors are locked and lock it yourself.


Are your kids back home?

With the help of instant notifications, your kids don't need to call or text you that they are from school. Smart home lock lets you assign unique codes to all your kids. This means whenever the door is unlocked by any of your children, you will get an instant notification on your phone with the details of the child that opened the door.


See who is at home

This is done with the help of the image sensor or video camera in your home. As your kids just started a new school, they'll have new friends. And as a parent, you definitely don't want your children to bring all their new friends home unsupervised. A video camera at the door of your home shows you exactly whom your kids come home with after school.


Instant notifications alert you when you forget something

When you're running out of time and running late, it is easy to forget something important or even to secure your house. With this smart home, you'll get an instant notification as soon as you leave your home about what you have forgotten. And if it's about your security system, or your garage that's not locked, or your doors left unlocked, you don't have to go back home. As you can remotely lock and secure your home from your phone.


Want to find out more?

To find out how to get peace of mind and stress-free this new school year; call SecuSmart Solutions we are your local Alarm.com and Moni Smart dealer with over 19 years providing services to Fortune 500 Corporations and now we are bringing our knowledge, experience, and quality of service to our local community.

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