School administrators are increasingly turning to access control systems to better manage the flow of students, staff and visitors in and around their buildings. 

Authorized individuals are issued “credentials” in the form of cards or tokens that allow them to unlock doors and enter designated areas at permitted times. When the user presents their credential at a door reader, it’s compared to a database of access privileges that establishes who can go where and when. You can make real-time changes to the access rights of any individual so that you never have to retrieve keys from discharged staff or dismissed students. Instead, you simply delete their access privileges. 

Each entry and exit event can be documented so you have a solid audit trail that can be used to investigate improper entry, theft or vandalism. 

Access control systems are entirely scalable, protecting a single building with only a few points of entry, or protecting a geographically dispersed campus with academic buildings spread across a broad area. 

Access control technology from SecuSmart provides a system that lets you better manage your campus and better protect your students and staff.