Every student is familiar with the routine of occasional fire drills. Teaching students how to respond properly during a fire alarm is essential to ensuring that everyone safely exits the building. Of course, their safe exit depends on the timely alert provided by your school’s fire detection and alarm system.

SecuSmart provides single-building elementary schools with standalone systems, and also provides networked fire systems able to monitor an entire campus or multi-site educational system. 

Most schools deploy separate intrusion and fire system, but many are migrating to integrated systems that combine all aspects of security and life safety into a single, more easily managed system.

While you need to protect your facilities from intrusion, you also have a special need to provide strong fire protection. Arson is a leading cause of damage to education facilities.

SecuSmart can provide the control panels, sensors and alarm pulls to configure a reliable fire detection system that will maximize the safety of your students, staff and schools.

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