Access control provides you with a new set of management tools, enabling you to control the flow of people around your bank or branch. You can selectively protect different areas, allowing only authorized individuals to enter and only at designated times.

Physical door keys are replaced with electronic “credentials” in the form of a card, token or fob.  When the user presents their unique credential at a door reader, the credential is compared to a database of access privileges that determines whether or not to grant access. Each entry and exit event is recorded, providing you with a solid audit trail that can be used to investigate theft.

You never have to retrieve keys or worry about changing locks, and can make real-time changes to the access rights of any individual. If an employee’s responsibilities or employment status changes, you can modify their access privileges instantly. Access control greatly reduces the number of keys in use and the related cost and hassle of controlling and managing those keys. The savings realized by reducing keyed locks is impressive.

Access control systems are entirely scalable. You can protect buildings of any size with any number of doors, or multiple buildings spread across the city, state or country.  Access control technology from SecuSmart gives you the power to better protect your customers’ assets.