Bank robberies continue to be a common event with nearly 6,000 occurring each year in the United States. Surprisingly, the number of robberies has actually declined in recent years. This is a fact that the FBI believes is due to the presence of increasingly effective security measures.

Even the most uneducated robber is aware that every bank, branch and ATM is protected by an alarm. However, unlike other installations or applications, the presence of an alarm typically doesn’t deter criminals. Therefore, in financial institutions, the true benefit of an alarm system is that it will instantly alert the authorities of a crime so that they can arrive on the scene more quickly.

Strong alarm systems include redundant communication channels, relying on some combination of telephone, cellular and network connections to the alarm monitoring service or police. Having multiple channels ensures that robbers can’t disable the connection and that alarms will be successfully transmitted.

Your system can include features specifically designed for financial institutions, including Panic/Hold-up Button Summary Test, Dual Custody/Two Man Rule and Early-Morning Ambush.

More capable systems are integrated with other layers of security. Once an alarm is tripped, it will signal the video system to increase the frequency of video frames or the quality level of the recorded video.

In every bank location, a burglar alarm is a must-have. SecuSmart is your experienced source for reliable bank-security technology.