With video becoming more affordable and more important in successfully prosecuting criminals, many manufacturers are expanding the number of cameras in their systems. New video capabilities make it possible for companies to get an even greater return on the investment in their video assets.

You security personnel can monitor the live video to expand their coverage area and enable quick evaluation of potential issues. Recorded video provides a valuable visual record to support investigations and prosecution following an event.

Additional l benefits can be achieved through analytics that constantly, automatically analyze the images from your cameras. Your system can identify specific people or vehicles, and trigger an alert if they are detected. It’s like having an ever-vigilant security guard on duty around the clock.

Beyond security purposes, you can also use video analytics as a process-monitoring tool. With one or more cameras focused on a product conveyor, you can configure your system to analyze the traits or orientation of items. If an item is the wrong size, shape, color or in the wrong position, the system can send a signal to the production equipment to reject the part, stop the line or take other actions.

Extend the capabilities of your security staff with video analytics that automatically alert them to potential threats as they occur. Picture how much more effective your video capabilities can be with analytics from SecuSmart.

While security systems are optional, a fire alarm system is typically mandated by law. The threat to life created by fire makes detection an essential element of your facility’s protection system. Beyond the legal requirements, the potential threat to your property presented by fire makes having a detection system a sound investment.

SecuSmart provides single-building industrial facilities with standalone systems, and also deploys networked, multi-site systems able to protect any number of buildings whether located at a single site or dispersed across the city or country.

Most business owners deploy separate intrusion and fire systems, but many are taking advantage of current technology that makes it practical and more economical to install integrated systems that combine all aspects of security and life safety into a single, more easily managed system.

Rely on SecuSmart to specify, install and configure all of the elements of your fire detection system. You can feel confident that you have taken appropriate steps to maximize the safety of your employees, facilities and property.

To successfully prosecute a criminal or discharge an employee, there is no better piece of evidence than clear video of them committing an illegal act. Businesses are responding to this fact by deploying more video cameras than ever, both inside and outside their buildings.

Video technology has greatly advanced in recent years. Traditional black & white cameras are increasingly being replaced by new-generation color cameras. Low-light and mega-pixel cameras are available and affordable. Many customers are migrating to IP cameras, offering digital outputs that provide higher quality images and create a network-ready compressed signal.

Cameras can detect movement or unusual changes in an area. Intelligent mounts and motors are available to automatically steer and zoom cameras to focus on unusual activity. The system can respond by recording the event, focusing additional cameras on the activity, sounding an alert or performing other programmed responses. Higher-capacity DVRs store hundreds of hours of video from multiple cameras.

Video technology extends the reach of your security coverage by letting you see and record activity in every corner of your facility. The mere presence of security cameras mounted on and around your buildings can provide a powerful deterrent, encouraging potential perpetrators to choose another target for their criminal activity.

To ensure the most effective use of video surveillance, you need the right components in the right configuration. Selecting the appropriate video technology requires the experience of a professional security systems provider like SecuSmart.

Larger industrial facilities typically centralize their security system monitoring and control in a control room or operations center. Designing and deploying these facilities require the guidance of true security experts.

Insightful security managers look beyond impressive big-screen monitors elaborate control panels. They understand that what truly matters is how well the technology enables your security staff to quickly identify and respond to threats or alarms. That quick response requires the right technology combined in a way that creates an intuitive, easy-to-use system-control platform.

The best control rooms operate under a comprehensive security management application that brings together all elements of your system – intrusion, fire, access control and video – into a single integrated protection platform. SecuSmart has provided customers with software applications that allow security staff to control the system via a graphical interface. With this video “map” that shows every protected entrance and area, security officers can instantly see the status every door, sensor and alarm. They can respond to alarms or get additional detail with the click of a mouse.

In large industrial installations, having the highest quality security technology in place isn't enough to ensure strong protection. The technology can’t deliver on its full potential unless it is managed from a well-designed, properly equipped control center. For large-scale security systems, whether a single, major facility or dozens of facilities located across the country, trust the security professionals at SecuSmart to design and deploy a control room designed to provide you with a comprehensive approach to organizational security.

It can be aggravating and confusing to deal with multiple protection systems at your facility. There are separate panels to operate and maintain, and multiple systems to learn.

To simplify and streamline their security management, more business owners and security managers are relying a single system that combines their intrusion, fire, video and access control systems. All of your security related technology can be consolidated in a single, unified solution, typically managed from a central control room. As an added benefit, today’s network capability makes it possible for authorized individuals to view, monitor and control the system from any internet-connected computer.

Having only one, combined system means there’s less equipment needed, reducing your initial investment. It provides continued savings because a single-system means less maintenance, fewer upgrades and reduced staff training.

If you are installing a new system, SecuSmart can design an integrated approach. If you have existing systems, we can provide the software and devices needed to knit your current systems together into a single integrated system. The intuitive graphical interface of the software gives your system managers fast, simple point-and-click control over every aspect of your system.

With SecuSmart as your security partner, you will be able to bring all of your electronic security resources into a single, high-functioning security system.


Burglars may be stealthy and work quietly under the cover of darkness, or brazen and simply drive into your site and load their vehicle with stolen materials and products. Knowing that you have a burglar alarm protecting the site may be all that’s required to encourage would-be perpetrators to choose another target. For those that aren’t deterred, a sounding alarm may drive them off or enable protection staff or police to apprehend them before they can leave the premises.

Many manufacturing facilities and warehouses have security staff on site, but they can’t be everywhere at all times. An alarm system protecting your facility can alert them and/or outside responders to potential trouble and get them on the scene quickly.

When you consider the potential cost of a single break in and compare it to the cost of a burglar alarm, the return on investment is easy to see. SecuSmart offers our business customers a broad selection of electronic security solutions that will provide you with the tools to create cost-effective protection for your people, your property and your products.

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