To successfully prosecute a criminal or discharge an employee, there is no better piece of evidence than clear video of them committing an illegal act. Businesses are responding to this fact by deploying more video cameras than ever, both inside and outside their buildings.

Video technology has greatly advanced in recent years. Traditional black & white cameras are increasingly being replaced by new-generation color cameras. Low-light and mega-pixel cameras are available and affordable. Many customers are migrating to IP cameras, offering digital outputs that provide higher quality images and create a network-ready compressed signal.

Cameras can detect movement or unusual changes in an area. Intelligent mounts and motors are available to automatically steer and zoom cameras to focus on unusual activity. The system can respond by recording the event, focusing additional cameras on the activity, sounding an alert or performing other programmed responses. Higher-capacity DVRs store hundreds of hours of video from multiple cameras.

Video technology extends the reach of your security coverage by letting you see and record activity in every corner of your facility. The mere presence of security cameras mounted on and around your buildings can provide a powerful deterrent, encouraging potential perpetrators to choose another target for their criminal activity.

To ensure the most effective use of video surveillance, you need the right components in the right configuration. Selecting the appropriate video technology requires the experience of a professional security systems provider like SecuSmart.