Large organizations and commercial or financial facilities that require a higher level of security typically rely on a multi-faceted approach to protection. These sophisticated systems often incorporate hundreds or thousands of sensors, detectors and video feeds to create a tight web of protection. Additionally, these systems may combine elements of intrusion, fire and access control technology to create a unified, integrated system.

Security managers typically bring these discrete facets of security together in a control center where they can be more effectively monitored and managed. Poorly designed systems fail to present incoming signals in a logical, accessible way. Aside from putting added stress on security staff, poorly designed systems reduce their ability to identify urgent signals and respond quickly.

SecuSmart designs and installs control rooms that facilitate and simplify security operations. Incoming alarm signals and other data are displayed in ways that enable more efficient monitoring, faster recognition and quicker response.

Control rooms are the nexus of technology from many different sources and suppliers. That makes it especially important to have a security partner like SecuSmart with the experience to knit these diverse systems together into a smoothly functioning entity.

System owners often want their control room to be a showpiece, conveying to their customers the attention devoted to security. Other system owners are concerned only with achieving the highest possible functionality. Whatever the need, SecuSmart has the design experience and technical knowledge to create a control room customized to your needs.

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