While many homes and most commercial buildings are equipped with burglar alarms, every building requires reliable systems to detect smoke or fire. Burglary typically results in the loss of some property; fire can result in the total loss of property and life.

The typical residential fire detection system consists of smoke alarms that sound a shrill alert to evacuate. SecuSmart can incorporate fire detection in your home alarm system so that, besides sounding a local warning, the system will also alert the fire department – even when you're not at home.

Every commercial facility is required to have a comprehensive fire detection system in place, but all systems aren't created equal. SecuSmart can design and install technology that goes beyond simply complying with various fire codes and system requirements.

You will have a reliable system that requires minimal attention but ensures maximum protection. You can also expect to get a better return on your investment because SecuSmart installs technology with a reputation for reliability, and an open design that ensures the ability to apply regular upgrades and enhancements to extend system life.

For residences, retail and commercial installations, depend on SecuSmart to provide dependable fire detection systems.