Every home and business depends on locked doors and windows to deter burglars. That basic level of defense won’t prevent a determined intruder from finding a way in and making off with your valuable possessions.

Electronic burglar alarms provide a much stronger defense against intrusion. In the event that intruders do manage to get in, your system can automatically summon emergency responders and also provide visual documentation of the crime that can be used to find and prosecute the offender.

Most alarm systems incorporate sensors on the windows and doors to protect the perimeter of your home or building. You can also add an array of internal sensors able to detect glass breakage, motion or heat. These sensors can be strategically arranged to provide the desired protection.

Today’s systems take advantage of cellular and internet communication to let you interact with your system from your smart phone or mobile device. Check the status of your system, turn it on or off, and receive alarms no matter where you are.

If you include video with your system, you can remotely view your cameras. Peek in to see what’s going on at home or in your commercial facility. Is your babysitter on duty? Are your employees in place? Are doors closed? Instead of just wondering, you can actually have a look.

From a simple residential alarm unit to a sophisticated, high-security multi-site system, SecuSmart is your source for burglar alarms.

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