It's the age of multi-function devices. As technology has become both more sophisticated and more compact, it's become increasingly beneficial to package multiple functions into a single device. Consider the low-cost, all-in-one printer/fax/copiers or your smart phone as good examples of combined technology.

Your security system represents another great opportunity to integrate multiple functions in a single, combined whole. Today's security panels have the capacity and technology to serve as the nexus for not only intrusion but also fire, access control and video protection.

A single system means only one system to learn, maintain and upgrade. That simplifies training and reduces costs.

Bringing inputs from these different resources together also provides you with a more complete, integrated view of your security landscape. Instead of checking two or three systems, there's only one.

A properly integrated system provides a higher level of protection. When the intrusion system detects an issue, it can direct the video system's attention on the problem area, ratchet up the quality of video and initiate additional recording. Similarly, a security issue detected by the intrusion system can initiate a facility lock-down through the access control elements of the system.

Combining diverse elements of security from multiple vendors requires the expertise and experience of a skilled system integrator like SecuSmart.