Access Control Electronic sensors and alarms give you the ability to protect your facility from unauthorized entry. Your alarm system can be easily and affordably expanded to enable you to better manage your facility. With the addition of access control technology, you have the power to control the flow of people in and around your facility.

Locked doors represent the crudest form of access control. They simply prevent someone from entering a facility without the right key.

Electronic access control provides an intelligent, automated approach to managing who can go where and when. Each controlled door is equipped with an electronic lock and a credential reader. Credentials may take many forms. You can issue authorized users a password or PIN that they type into a keypad. Instead of or (for higher security) in addition to the password, you can give users a keycard, keyfob or other electronic credential.

When the user, whether it’s an employee, visitor or service provider, presents their credential to the reader, the access control system determines what entry privileges the holder has. If the user is allowed to use that entrance at that time, the door is instantly unlocked.

You can control both internal and external access points. You can allow people to enter the facility only at certain doors and only at authorized times. Once inside, their access can be limited to only certain rooms or areas.

A huge benefit of electronic access control is that it reduces or eliminates the need for keys. You never have to re-key a lock due to a lost key. And you don’t have to worry about retrieving keys from someone when they leave your organization. Instead, you simply delete their access rights.

Your system also provides you with reporting that lets you identify the time, location and identity of each access event.

Once you've made the investment in protecting your facility, you can leverage that investment by adding the ability also to better manage your facility with an access control system for SecuSmart.