Every year our minds and bodies look forward to summertime, to finally getting to wind down and relax. One thing no one looks forward to is the heightened energy bills as the AC kicks in and revs up the cost. Fortunately new SmartHome technology can help you to reduce those costs without hassle while still keeping your family comfortable and safe in the summer heat. 

Home or Away?

The simplest way to save energy throughout your home is using home-versus-away automation. This is based upon the status of your security system. When your home is in the “Armed-Away” status, your Smart Thermostat will automatically adjust to save you energy and money. In “Armed-Stay” mode the thermostat automatically adjusts to what is a cool, comfortable temperature for you and your family. Switching back and forth between statuses is entirely hassle free, as simple as a quick click on your smartphone. With the Geo-Services feature in place it’s even simpler to set your home on away mode since the feature uses the location of your smartphone to judge whether you are away from home.

Adjust for Heat

On extremely hot days most people opt for turning up their indoor temperature in order to save money. The Smart Thermostat takes care of this for you. Once the temperature outside reaches 95°, your thermostat will automatically adjust and turn your temperature up a few degrees while still keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. The thermostat will automatically adjust back as the heat dies down, saving you time and effort.

Setback for Open Doors

As the summer months roll around kids begin to spend more and more time playing outdoors to keep busy, also meaning that they tend to leave doors open as they run back and forth between home and yard in games of competition and make-believe. However, this can set your energy bill at a higher rate as cool air escapes your home through the open doors and therefore makes your AC work harder in order to compensate. Thankfully, the Smart Home has an auto-setback feature for busy parents and active children. When a door is left open the thermostat will automatically set back then go back to normal once the door is close, keeping energy waste to a minimum.

Plug It in

Smart Plugs can help you reduce energy expenditures both in the summer and year-round. When added to appliances such as a television or lighting fixtures they can be automated to turn off the appliance’s power supply at night, when you leave your home or any other schedule you want to set it at. The advantages of Smart Plugs continue, as they can also increase security by making your home look busy while you are away, preventing burglaries while you’re on vacation.


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